Thursday, 22 January 2015

Terry begins to follow the Kardashian: Kanye Ojito!

Obviously, not armed the same scandal that when Messi started following the Chelsea, but it is beginning to arouse much interest in Twitter. And it has been known that the center of Chelsea, John Terry, has begun to follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, news has caused a great joke on networks.
"Care, Kanye!," Is the comment most repeated by the tweeters, to warn the husband of socialite because it is too well known reputation as a womanizer captain Mourinho, who came to sleep with the girlfriend of his friend and fellow Wayne Bridge a few years ago.

Meanwhile, Kim is in the limelight for two very different stories. The first because it is preparing a book with his best selfies in recent years which goes on sale in May and promises to be a blockbuster. 
The other news is controversial. Kim has landed in the snow with fur Bilkini reminiscent led Raquel Welch in the film 'a million years ago "and has been widely criticized by animal welfare groups ...
And finally, nothing better to remember one of the best gallery of Kim Kardashian.