Thursday, 15 January 2015

The reasons for the breakdown of Irina and Cristiano

The break between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk has ceased to be a mere assumption after the Russian top not to attend the gala Golden Ball and stop follow on Twitter who has been her boyfriend for the past four and a half years.
The Portuguese media, including the Correio da Manha, confirmed, sources close to the player, that "separation is final" although representatives of the model claim that if you were not at the gala of the FIFA was because of their obligations Professional.
What were the reasons for the break point to several Speculation: from possible infidelities to poor relationship with mother Irina Christian, but the most likely is holding Correio da Manha, which states that Christian wants to a woman who can always be at your side. In this desire would not have agreed Irina, whose career after his film debut with the film Hercules, is at the zenith.
Irina said 'no'
This information would fit perfectly with the current in some newsrooms contrasting sources and therefore must be taken with all bookings. According to it, a little over two weeks ago, possibly coinciding with the Christmas trip to Dubai where I was publicly seen together for the last time, Irina would have rejected the proposal of marriage that made ​​him a Christian and that could lead implied his desire that aparcase his career to spend more time with him and have children together.
This is the last photo of Cristiano and Irina together
The couple was increasingly less often and Cristiano is tired of so much separation and distance, which, according to other sources, would have led to being unfaithful. Some while ago I had to deny the Brazilian Andressa Urach, which denounced for saying in The Sun that she had slept with him on the eve of the Champions League semifinals in 2013, an event that already altered their relationship with Irina ...
Now the name of the presenter and model Nieves Alvarez as a trigger for the break points. An old story, for a couple of years ago were seen dining together at the Villamagna Hotel in Madrid and she married photographer Marco Severini with whom she has three children, had to deny it and said they were just friends.
In fact, it is said that it was she who introduced Cristiano and Irina when they met in 2010 in a photo shoot for Armani brand. Soon after, the striker took holiday to Corsica, and in full sight of Russian suffered the first clash at having to fit cristianinho the birth of the son of a surrogate mother ...
The other disagreement, constant in these four years has been Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano's mother, who always opposed the relationship, the same as the player sisters, Elma and Katia. That familiar wear also have undermined the relationship during these over four years and would be another reason for the final break.

Wanda the chart posing almost naked and pregnant

Just one week of giving birth to Francesca, her first child with Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara has bundled with an almost naked posed for the magazine Caras Argentina. The model shows her belly in a certainly eye-catching photos and have caused endless reactions, both pro and con.
Critics, however, have slipped him the star, which says that "this pregnancy could live in peace." Wanda had with Maxi Lopez, her first husband, three boys (Valentino Constantine and Benedict).
Wanda also revealed that Mauro Icard i will be responsible for suturing the wound after birth because "the obstetrician gave the OK". Cesarean section is scheduled for next week and explained that model named Francesca decided to put her daughter after the Pope Francis. Bless her tummy last September when they were met at the Vatican.