Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Old Stars who date young ladies

Whether Kahn, Matthew, Ronaldo and Romario: they all have distinct younger partners
Following this motto some soccer veterans choose apparent from their life partners. Currently ensures 94er World Champion Romario (48) with his new girlfriend for excitement: The Brazilian 19-year-old US singer Dixie Pratt should have caught.

Romario as his world title in 1994, celebrated Pratt was not even born!
Romario and his pretty young girlfriend while jogging on the beach 
Romario is not the only kicker, that a very young girlfriend. With him standing in a row football greats such as Pele, Ronaldo and Oliver Kahn - FIG shows the most prominent examples!

Pelé (74) and Morica Libele Aoki (48)


Football legend Pele apparently wants to marry again - and 26 years younger Morica Libele Aoki. Pelé is for around four years with the Japanese-entrepreneur together. Twice he was already married. With his first wife Rosimeri Cholbi he has three children with his second wife Assiria Lemos twins. The predecessors were significantly younger than the footballers.

Paula Morais (29) and Ronaldo (38)

As a Brazilian footballer Ronaldo magic captured the hearts of many fans. And now it also includes his girlfriend Paula Morais. With nine years younger than he Paula is engaged. Proposal of marriage she got at a birthday party, where she worked as a DJ. For Ronaldo, it is the fourth marriage.

Anastasia Klimko (26) and Lothar Matthäus (53)


In Novemeber 2014 Lothar Matthäus has remarried: The record-National player was seven years younger Anastasia Klimko be married. The wedding with Anastasia was not his first. Previously, Matthew was married to Silvia, the Swiss model Lolita, the Serbian Marijana and Liliana. Liliana and Lothar separated at least 26 years of each other.

Oliver Kahn (45) and Svenja Kögel (33)

Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is now also married for the second time. His girlfriend Svenja is 12 years younger. His children from the relationship with ex-wife Simone were at the wedding. His marriage to Simone failed after several comebacks Love in August of 2009.

Alfredo di Stefano (†) and Gina Gonzalez (38)

The now defunct football legend Alfredo Di Stefano made ​​a splash in 2013 because he wanted to marry a 50 year younger woman with 86. Born in Costa Rica lawyer Gina Gonzalez was the manager of the ex-footballer. She was retired after the death of his wife Sara in 2005 in his life. González worked as a Fellow of the Real Madrid Foundation.