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Andressa Urach has a new bacterium in the right leg

'I pray not need to go back to the hospital, "vents host exclusively to EGO on Wednesday, 7.

Andressa Urach desembarca em aeroporto de Porto Alegre (Foto: Grosby Group/ Agência)

Andressa Urach has a new bacterium in the leg. The presenter - who was hospitalized for complications after an application of hydrogel and had sepsis at the end of last year - received the news that was a new complication last weekend. She conducted a battery of tests at a hospital in Porto Alegre, after feeling sharp pains during a trip to Florianópolis . The information was confirmed by the the EGO, on Wednesday, 7:
"Unfortunately this weekend, where waiting out a little homework and try to return gradually my routine, I acquired a new bacterium, now in his right leg. I'm calm time unable to step on the floor. I know I'm in God's hands and everything has a purpose. The PAD team is taking care of me and every day applying antibiotics. I pray in order to win this battle more'm home and I pray not need to return to the hospital. "

According to the adviser Andressa press, Cocoa Oliver, the bacterium was not as aggressive as the presenter was already in the recovery process. "The first time she had complications, she was very weak, with anemia, which aggravated the case. This time, it's serious, it must be observed, but it is under control. Andressa is already doing the recommended treatment by doctors and is confident that everything will be fine. She's focused on her recovery. "
Andressa Urach em praia em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. (Foto: Grosby Group/ Agência) Andressa Urach on the beach in Florianopolis,
Santa Catarina. (Photo: Grosby Group / Agency)
On the application of hydrogel, "She does not remember the doctor's name"
The presenter does not seem to be concerned with finding blame. In a statement to the police station which is handling the investigation, the 14th DP the state capital, the presenter said that the procedures were performed in an existing clinic in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro , but she does not remember who was the attending physician and the location was closed.
"The Andressa was heard on 22 December, on the premises of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição She claims to have conducted two cosmetic procedures:.. With hydrogel product and another known as PMMA, by the way, this is considered a dangerous mix She reported that . procedures were performed in an existing clinic in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro She does not remember the doctor's name, as well as claims that this practice is no more, "said the delegate Cleber Ferreira, adding," She has shown that not to prosecute anyone. He did not give names, said he did not remember right ... "
Ego in social networks
How Andressa not remember the doctor who did the procedure and the clinic does not exist anymore, maybe the investigation did not give anything: "We will try through steps up the possible clinical If we do not succeed the police investigation will be completed and sent to. judiciary, probably without charge. "
In addition to the host, his mother, Marisete of Faveri, and the Urach doctor were also heard by the police. "In addition to the mother, were heard the doctor and other minor witnesses. We can not talk about the doctor's testimony on the grounds of possible ethical and disciplinary sanctions of the medical profession (there should be external secrecy). The hospital sent the documents, and these were remitted Deparmento of Forensic Medicine to answer questions As the progress of investigations that have been all ears may return to further clarification;. as well as others that may arise, "says the officer.
Andressa Urach aparece pela primeira vez após alta de hospital (Foto: Orlando Oliveira/AgNews) Andressa Urach first appears after rising
hospital (Photo: Orlando Oliveira / Agnews)
Clicked back home
Andressa was clicked as he arrived at the airport in Porto Alegre for a photo agency. She looked haggard and wore a well-behaved clothing, pants that tampava its healing. In a social network, she wrote: "God is so wonderful that gave me back my life I will not let me shake for nothing, because God is with me He said that the journey would not be easy, but the arrival would be worth I'm going through..! many trials every day, but no evil diverted me from my purpose for the Lord Jesus Christ protect me. "
Shortly after, she published a new message, explaining why he decided not to talk about the controversial photos made ​​during his hospital stay and showed his wounds in the legs open .
Andressa Urach aparece pela primeira vez após alta de hospital (Foto: Orlando Oliveira/AgNews) Andressa Urach first appears after rising
hospital (Photo: Orlando Oliveira / Agnews)
First public appearance in Florianópolis
After being discharged from the hospital, Andressa came to speak a few times on social networks , but only appeared in public for the first time on Saturday, 4, during this trip that made ​​the Floripa, where was spotted strolling and reading the book of self-help "Command your life with the power of the mind. "
Wanted by EGO, the advisor to the presenter said the tour was a medical recommendation because it would be good for her to leave home and see his friends. "She is recovering well. This moderate exercise practice was a medical orientation," he said.
'I was surprised by the photos'
On Tuesday, 7, Pedro Alexandre Martins da Motta, head of plastic surgery service of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição, where Andressa spent nearly a month in hospital, spoke about the photos, which were made ​​on site, and said " surprised " .
"I was surprised with the photos were made in the ICU and unauthorized. I do not know who took and how they were taken. Several people drifted in and out of where she was, people who do maintenance, bring food, do not really know how it leaked. Give to realize the dressings that pictures were taken during the period when she was stable and no doubt the photos were taken on different days. We can see by the size of healing, "he said.
Alexandre Costa, communications coordinator of the institution, said the EGO: "Apparently the photos were taken at Conception Hospital ICU The Conception Hospital Group had access to the images by the press in relation to the image registration permit, who can answer is.. Andressa herself or his staff. "
Andressa Urach (Foto: Grosby Group) Andressa Urach (Photo: Grosby Group)
Photos had international repercussions and were citicadas
Disclosed by the agency Grosby Group, the images of him Andressa after removal of the hydrogel became news around the world . Newspapers such as "Daily Mail", "The Huffington Post" and "Mirror" talked about the drama of the presenter, made ​​famous abroad after confusion with Cristiano Ronaldo .
Exposure Urach divided opinion and many criticized the fact that she was left shooting in conditions shown. Former candidates for Miss Butt detonated Andressa. Yara Muniz, Bahia competitor, snapped: "Andressa did not need to be exposed like this (...) I make it clear that I do not agree, I found absurd and shocking!"
Others, however, believe that Urach did well to publicize the photos that serve as alert to the dangers of the hydrogel. "I think it is most certain, because many were doubting that she was even in serious condition. Even I doubted! She is showing the reality," he argued Renata Alves, Miss Butt Ceará.
Cristina Mortágua, which was fri symbol of the 80s and, as the presenter, also suffered harsh criticism because of his work, was another who made ​​comments in favor of Andressa : "Maybe she's in need of money and have to be subjected to to expose once again that way to sustain ... So? Who pays her bills? I do not pay and so do not give me the right to criticize her. May God give you wisdom, maturity and a job that does not need much madness and exposure for our daily bread day. I cheer a lot for her, although not to know. "
Andressa Urach aparece pela primeira vez após alta de hospital (Foto: Orlando Oliveira/AgNews) Andressa Urach first appears after high
hospital (Photo: Orlando Oliveira / Agnews)
Remind case
Andressa Urach is recovering from the infection that took her to hospital where he was admitted on 29 November. During the 25 days of hospitalization, she came to have a sepsis and spent all the time in the ICU.
At the time, she talked about the difficult time he faced through his press office. "I'm happy for my daily improvement, I can feed myself well and I have given my first steps into the room without pain. I thank God every day so I also thank everyone who came to the hospital to donate blood and hope to leave soon the ICU" said six days before discharge.
The high Andressa happened before imagined. Jan. 14, the doctor Pedro Alexandre da Motta Martins, head of the plastic surgery department of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição, told the EGO that the presenter should leave the hospital only at the beginning of the year .
In the early morning of the 1st day of January, Andressa already showed signs of his good recovery and his repentance to write a post on social network wishing a good year to his followers : "You know what the irony of life always think on the contrary, we rush to grow and then sighs for the lost childhood. We lost health to make money and then immediately lose money to have health ... We think so anxious about the future that we forget this, so do not live the present nor the future and forget often family and friends. We live as if we never die, and die as if we had never lived "


Chamakh and his trio dreamed of the Playboy twins

Marounne Chamakh, the French striker Crystal Palace, has joined the list of famous players who seem to have fallen into the arms of one, or both at once, twin Howe, famous in the UK for a few years ago they posed for Playboy magazine.
Ashley Cole to Balotelli through Evra or Luke Shaw, who asked them to mount a trio in World full of Brazil, the 'bunny' have become true specialists arouse the passions of the players in the Premier League.
A Chamakh l and hunted out a few days ago with Carla and Melissa Chinawhite nightclub in London, close to Oxford Circus, and heading to another local, Beat, also popular in the city of Big Ben.
Chamakh, who takes a month without playing by the injury and seems to score more goals out in the field, was holding the hand of Carla and soon after joined the entourage's also lush Melissa. I know not know how he ended the night and if the front passed with one or both twins, getting the coveted trio wanted to have Luke Shaw.

The night almost Maradona is linked to Salma Hayek

Diego Maradona tried to link to Mexican actress Salma Hayek ... and almost succeeded. Told his daughter Dalma, which was precisely who avoided the two stars had just spending the night together.
It happened at a party after the Cannes Film Festival 2008. "We went to Cannes, were at a party, falls Javier Bardem ... and Salma Hayek, and starts dancing with my dad guy does not know what, suddenly I see them dancing long "said Dalma in the 'Arroban' program.
As time passed, things were more heated. And Maradona snuggled increasingly actress. It was then that her daughter made ​​a drastic decision: he took from the party and took him to the hotel.
Once there, Diego wanted to come back for Mexico, but Dalma stopped him. "The guy (Maradona) crossed to the hotel, I put on my pajamas and he was not changed, I say that the pajama sets and got into bed with shoes on," said Dalma, who said he did not fall asleep until that his father did.
Years later, Dalma still remembers what happened and regrets. "I screwed up the night with Salma Hayek."