Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The day when Mike Tyson was nearly hit Michael Jordan for a woman

In a biography that traces the life of the boxer, his ex-manager Rory Holloway testified that world heavyweight ex-champion basketball player lying almost at a dinner ...

Mike Tyson et Robbie Givens, les raisons de la discorde 
Air Jordan vs Iron Mike. Despite its well-packed quintal not sure the ex-champion Chicago Bulls have won the fight. In his book Taming The Beast (tame the beast), Rory Holloway, manager and friend of the boxing star of the 1980s reveals a very punchy story.

"Jordan had only one desire: to run away"

The scene takes place in a restaurant in Chicago. The two giants are at the table, accompanied by Don King, the famous promoter, Rory Holloway and coach Jordan, Mike Ditka and his teammate Richard Dent. Mike Tyson is clearly still affected by his recent separation from actress Robin Givens. She had had an affair with Jordan before him.
Rory Holloway noted that "Tyson slowly sipping a cocktail before freak. He stared at Michael Jordan to the other end of the table "and said to him." You think I'm stupid? I know you did things with her. You can tell me. "Jordan looked at him as if he had seen a ghost. "It was clear that Jordan had one wish: to run away." In the evening, Mike Tyson also invectivera Mike Ditka and Richard Dent.

Naomi Campbell in the toilet

This is not the only anecdote crispy loose Rory Holloway in this biography. It thus delivers a story featuring one of the most prominent 1990s models Naomi Campbell.
"I was at a party with Mike. Naomi Campbell was present. I was his babysitter, not that it attracts trouble. I found myself holding their glasses because Mike had to go to the bathroom ... and Naomi followed him ... "unpacks Rory Holloway by providing its ellipsis. 

MLB Star Adam Jones - Marries NFL Star's Daughter ... 1st Wedding Pics

Baltimore Orioles star Adam Jones is officially a married man ... after marrying the daughter of a former NFL Pro Bowl player ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!

It all went down in Scottsdale, AZ on December 27 ... where Jones swapped "I dos" with Audie Fugett ... daughter of Jean Fugett ... who played tight end for the Cowboys and Redskins in the '70s.

Among the guests ... Orioles manager Buck Showalter, 1st base coach Wayne Kirby and Adam's former Baltimore teammate Nick Markakis.

And get this ... for their first dance as man and wife, we're told the couple danced to "Me and Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul.

Adorable, right?

Michael Phelps' Alleged Ex - Dives In to Hardcore Porn

Michael Phelps' self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend just had a close encounter with about a billion little swimmers ... after shooting her very first hardcore porno flick ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The "star" is Taylor Chandler -- who claims she had a relationship with Phelps after meeting him on Tinder. She also says she's "intersex" ... which means she was born with both a penis and a uterus (she's since had the penis removed).

And now, we've learned Chandler is showing off what she's got below the belt in a new X-rated flick she shot with Vivid Entertainment ... the porn company famous for bringing Kim Kardashian's sex tape to the world.

We spoke with Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch who tells us Chandler's raking in 6-figures for "Going for the Gold" ... which features a Phelps look-alike and is set for release next week.

"This is the most unique footage Vivid has ever released," Hirsch says ... "The sky is the limit on this movie."

Yolanthe becomes a sexy (and violent) policewoman

Wesley Sneijder could leave early Galatasaray for Juventus, but his wife Yolanthe Cabau shows that he set all right in Istanbul.
The beautiful model (which at the time of her husband's stay at Inter had also been patroness of the Tour of Italy) is in fact been chosen to participate in the film 'Polis Akademisi Alaturka', a sort of 'Police Academy' of Turkey. These days was spread the trailer of the film, which will be released in a few weeks. And it is clear the role of the beautiful Yolanthe, who plays the role of a sexy policewoman who does not mind rough ways to teach students the craft. But if Sergeant Debbie Callahan (who held the same role in the famous series of films Use of the 80) used the martial arts, Ms. Sneijder even engages with a dangerous bat kendo.

"Balotelli wanted to steal my girlfriend for Instagram"

While in the last hours there is speculation about his possible move to PSG, Mario Balotelli is also protagonist-field reasons. And is that a young Icelandic been 'reported' networks striker tried to steal the bride ...
It turns out that 'SuperMario' indefatigable conqueror, asked a follower yours in Instagram to make public profile so see your photos. She agreed and not content with this, the 'Don Juan' the ball started asking questions about the city in which he lived and age. The girl did not hesitate and answered in Liverpool and that was 19 years.

Irina Shayk: the topless stolen from the happy 29

A January 6 to 29 years ago, the Magi brought the best gift house Shayk neither more nor less than a daughter, Irina, who, over time, become one of the top models more Listed on the planet and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, also one of the best players in the world.
The Russian celebrated in style and received lots of roses as a gift on a special date. We do not know if they are sent Cristiano, but the truth is that they were not together, because the picture appears to Irina was in New York and striker in Madrid.
In any case, this anniversary culminates one of the best years of Irina professionally, as well as consolidated as model has also debuted in films starring in the movie 'Hercules'.
It was the year, also, that a clever paparazzi hunt topless in Hawaii while on a photo shoot for the magazine SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. We were going to homenejearla with 29 photos, one for each year of his life, but he has seemed more appropriate rescue that topless stolen that went around the world and was one of the most watched news of 2014 in our portal.