Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Touré: "Women persecute me"

Yaya Touré not take it anymore. In an interview to a magazine Ivorian, the Manchester City midfielder says that a "problem" is troubling her private life: "Women continue to look for me and I have to run away. I am married and faithful to my wife. I love the tranquility, this is the way to live. "
The Citizen, devout Muslim and happily married to his wife Gineba, arrived at the limit of endurance because of admirers that haunt him, day and night: "Sometimes I wonder what goes through the head of those girls, it's embarrassing. I hide. To escape I regularly change my phone number, since they always seem to have the right contacts. But you can not live without a mobile phone. There was a girl I have openly courted. Allucinante! He asked for the phone number and I've given him a wrong. "
The antiBalotelli absolute: "I am one who likes to stay at home. I love classical music, I will not get tired with that too loud."

The comfort of Tim Howard

A calf injury has left KO Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard. His trainer Robert Martinez could not have him in the first game of the year and may do so at least throughout the month of January. But every cloud has a silver lining ....
And the American goalkeeper who will look after him and comfort during recovery Twin injured. Neither more nor less than spectacular girlfriend of Spanish descent, Nora Segura, who received the new year hanging on his Instagram a burning his picture.

Owen, her puppies and ... oral sex with his wife

The former player of Liverpool and Real Madrid, Michael Owen, surprised his three million followers on Twitter using sex to ask his wife Louise a picture of two dogs ...
In the image in question, which you can see above, the dogs are in a compromising situation and Owen says: "I wonder if Mrs. O -for Mrs. Owen be so kind tonight."
Shortly after the player, 35, who has four children with his wife Louise, 34, published another fun photo with the refusal of his wife and added another comment with typical British humor: "Oh! Well, I had to try. "
Both Owen tweets have sparked an uproar in networks with comments of all kinds both for and against.

Gemma Atkinson: ex CR7 and cousin of Superman

 Gemma Atkinson, the English actress and model who dated Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at United, could be chosen to play the role of Supergirl, Superman's cousin, in the new series dedicated to the comic book heroine.
According to The Sun, the spectacular Gemma is the leading candidate for the coveted role of Kara Zor-El and certainly, besides his good acting skills bring a good pair of reasons not to miss the series.
A strong case that once dazzled Cristiano Ronaldo. His torrid affair with the footballer launched to fame Gemma, who has since become a real celebrity in the UK.
Soon he began starring in multiple advertising campaigns for different firms posing lingerie and all male magazines. Also he started in theater and film and even video games. Gemma also noted for its solidarity actions, especially in the fight against breast cancer.

Neymar and "the country where women can have 10"

Neymar has denied the news published by LOC, and that you have the ball Rosa, about his relationship with Elisabeth Martinez , a young lawyer Barcelona and Barcelona, ​​with whom he would, again according to this information, maintaining a romance.
In high spirits, the Brazilian striker wrote that "if all these brides are putting me were true, would have to live in one of those countries where you can have ten women". Crack added several emoticons crying with laughter and redound andio another tweet that "so I'm laughing".
And since she broke up with Bruna Marquezine, Neymar has been linked with a lot of women. From Patricia Jordane to Soraja Vucelic through Gabriela Lenzi or herself Miss Bumbum Indianara Carvalho , the Blaugrana striker has placed him several girlfriends. And shortly before the Catalan lawyer, there was speculation the Brazilian medicine student Camila Karam.