Friday, 2 January 2015

Fanny is sad for Balotelli, but think of other samples ...

Fanny Neguesha is "a bit 'sad' for Mario Balotelli, struggling with a crisis more and more rampant. She herself admits in an interview with 'Pure People'.
"I always said he is a top athlete, I just hope that it continues to prove it - the confession of the Belgian model -. Our break? These things are normal for a boy of 24 years."
And Fanny continues to orbit in the sports world ("It 's very important to me, I have to take care of my image"), revealing what are the athletes that most tickle his fancy: Thiago Silva and Rafa Nadal. And finally, on his body, said: "It 's all genetic, even my sisters are like that. I only breast surgery, nothing more."

Whirlwind trip to Maxi Lopez: Love and shopping in Buenos Aires

 The player wanted his girlfriend, model Daniela Swedish Christiansson, knew his homeland. They remained in Argentina just 36 hours but learned to take advantage.
The couple arrived on Saturday morning 27 and since then, were from here to there. They visited some tourist spots Porteño Center and lunch in a cozy restaurant. On Sunday spent most of the day to shopping. Maxi and Daniela visited one of the most important Shopping Tours and not let clothing store without visiting. At night, they enjoyed a romantic evening in Costa Salguero with dinner and dancing.
On Monday, they did some more shopping in a supermarket in the area of Pilar (Angel de Brito shared image on Twitter) and then set out to rest before heading back to Italy where Maxi Overnight New Year with their three children.

Maxi Lopez accused of not letting Wanda spend the holidays with her children and she burst out Mirá messages erased after!

 The relationship between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez came to an end in the worst terms but something that inevitably always going to join: Valentino, Constantine and Benedict. In a new war for their children, the player accused the blonde not leave them at New Year and what she escracho Twitter.
In networks began circulating one that claimed that Lopez would receive 2015 with her three children, something that did not happen for an alleged impairment of Wanda version. Everything indicated that she and Mauro Icardi going to spend Christmas with them, and then Maxi would take him to begin a new year. However, both parties passed them in the new house Icardi-Nara, along with Nora Colosimo and the ninth.
Before the insistent claims of followers, accusing Wanda bad mother and forbid their children maintain a relationship with her father, she broke the social network of blue bird.
Wanda made ​​public a few chats with her ​​former husband, where he claimed would happen to them on Christmas Eve before traveling to Argentina for a mini vacation with his girlfriend. "Here I give you proof that the kids were waiting .. . "said the blonde, clear reflection of Maxi ever happened to them.
That was not all, Wanda continued with a flood of messages and capture showing mails he exchanged with the father of her children, whom he accused of not fulfilling alimony or the visitation.
"Mauro is the one who takes care of your children lie you're on vacation, he bathed Coki and wiped his vomit yesterday at five o'clock. Vos anoint, are your priorities go on vacation when they were actually break them you and me you let me. I think if you're relaxed is because you will be assured that your children are in good hands. Call Mauro, be an adult. Because after all it is he who takes care of your children while you're Vacation "Wanda detonated in a series of messages which are then erased.

400 Russian models, equipment and ... same hotel!

Can you imagine Barca coincide in the same hotel with 400 Russian models? How would react Luis Enrique? What would Blaugrana coach in that situation ...?
Surely the same as that of MSV Duisburg, the German third, who encountered the unexpected and surprising tessitura in the stage that your computer is performing in Turkey after the winter break: Change hotel immediately!
And is that Michael Meier wanted to prevent such concentration of models, all participants in a beauty contest, alter their players and so the club announced on its official website attaching a smiley face.
Better take it with humor, but the truth is that the resort of Antalya, Hotel Royal Wings, was a danger and an irresistible for team players who complied reluctantly technical drastic decision to avoid greater evils temptation.
"We want to prepare calmly for the spring season and so the coach has preferred to change the accommodation," the club said in its statement and so, from 8 to January 16, Duisburg will stay at the Royal Holiday Palace, not It is too bad as you can see below, although a few kilometers from the hotel with 400 Russian models ...

Lionel Messi - Getting Crushed Over New Tattoo

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi just revealed the secret he's been keeping underneath his shinguard -- a brand new piece of body art ... and it's not going over very well in Europe.

It's a pretty simple design ... soccer ball, jersey number, sword, some roses -- but they're killing him for it overseas.

Some major media outlets are calling "terrible," "awful" and "the worst" ... and the Barcelona star isn't getting treated any better on social media:

-- "F**k your tattoo messi why you destroy your leg with this ugly s**t tattoo why please tell him to remove."
-- "That's an ugly tatoo..."
-- "All that talent can't account for taste"


Ronaldinho: "Happy 2015" surrounded by women

At least off the pitch, the Brazilian seems to continue in the form .. - See more at:
At least off the pitch, the Brazilian seems to continue in the form ...
Ronaldinho seems not at all shaken by the uncertainty about its future football. While it is not known if it remains in Querétaro Mexican, Brazilian posted on social network Twitter wishes for the new year to all. And good company!

Together with the message "Happy 2015 to everyone !!" Ronaldinho published the photo reproduced here, which appears in the 13 women company.
- See more at:

At least off the pitch, the Brazilian seems to continue in the form .. - See more at:

Pascale: "No crisis with Silvio. Spain? Never Been"

Pascale: "No crisis with Silvio. Spain? Never Been"


Francesca Pascale in an interview with Corriere della Sera has denied rumors that the last stop his love affair with Silvio Berlusconi.
"Crisis? But what crisis? Me and Berlusconi are always a couple almost normal. A couple in which the 'almost' there has always been and regards the age difference. And who is dissected by him? Between ' else, I know that there is someone around who has a bet going. They bet that me and my partner we will leave within six months. Someone would call them owls or just envious. However we will spend the New Year in Arcore. I in Spain? never been ... ".

The Miss Bumbum meets virgin promised

As promised and expected Bumbum Miss Nude 2014 Indianara Carvalho, is already in Brazilian kiosks. And that pose for the magazine Sexy is one of the prerogatives of the winner of the contest that rewards the best back country of Neymar and always true to start the year.
Indianara also prepared thoroughly and as we told you, he even operated. Specifically, it was a vaginal reconstruction because, he said, wanted to be the first Miss Bumbum virgin to pose for the magazine Sexy ...
"I always dreamed of posing in a heavenly place," he says and stage, Punta Cana, certainly is. Indianara, 22, has been taken care of. "I take care of my body for two years and longed for the opportunity to show it".