Tuesday, 1 September 2015

"CR7 with Irina broke because of my breasts"

Like snails after the rain, the alleged Cristiano Ronaldo lovers are everywhere since Irina declare that cheated on her with "dozens of women." Some seem more credible than others and only the Portuguese could tell us if there is something truthful in their stories ...

This comes about because the tabloid 'The Sun' has returned to give hype to one. The latter alleged Christian friend called Diana Satilho and is a Brazilian student of 29 years.

She attributed the dubious honor of being responsible for the split between Cristiano and Irina Shayk because of her big breasts.

According to his version, I had sex with the player three times in one night and for more than two years, cybersex through networks and through webcams.

"Christian contacted me in 2012 and told me he loved big tits. He wanted to see his 'girls' and went crazy when he did, like a kid in a candy store, "says Diana, recalling her first and only sexual encounter in the Portuguese Algarve, after the World Cup in Brazil.

Diana added that Christian was obsessed with her breasts. "He could not keep his hands off them. He told me to give my phone, grabbed me by the hair and took me to his room. We did it three times in one night. "

The Brazilian ended his account by ensuring that Irina broke his relationship with Christian after finding one of his messages on mobile. "Christian called me very upset and told me he had broken the rules, as only he could contact. He was furious because I sent him a message and I guessed that Irina had told her. "

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