Thursday, 24 September 2015

This is the journalist that made Colombian Messi

It happened a while ago but it was this week when the video has become viral. In it, the Colombian journalist Alejandra Buitrago gets confused and says, twice, Messi is Colombian.

"If I do get to choose a Colombian player with whom they like, I choose to Lionel Messi," said the hostess, who was then working in the program 'Offside'.

Shortly after the terrible mistake he repeated, adding that "if I ask you to say who the Colombian player that I like, I choose to Lionel Messi". The video has already had over a million views on Youtube.

The fact that Alejandra, one of the most beautiful women in Colombia, and also a model, would now be going through a bad time given.

A week ago canceled their 'Our week our TV' program, which she presented at the RCN, and now would be waiting for his pass to a fashion show is confirmed.

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