Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Kaka opens girlfriend a month to break their marriage

Just over a month after he announced the end of his marriage to Carol Celico, Kaka seems to have found new partner.

According to the Brazilian portal 'Glamourama', the Orlando City player would be starting an affair with Vanessa Ribeiro Siqueira, a beautiful blonde who works in the marketing department of a company in Sao Paulo.

Reports indicate that they met in Orlando, where Vanessa went to celebrate ten years of his little brother.

Since then, Kaka and Vanessa would be coming, while the player is still negotiating the terms of the divorce from his wife.

According to various media, Carol claims that in addition to passing alimony for their two children, Kaka split with her heritage. The exmadridista agrees to the former but not with regard to their heritage and proposes that she receives a pension for three years.

The breakup of the couple was a shocker since little had previously announced its intention to renew vows with one five-day bash, held in December.

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