Thursday, 24 September 2015

"In bed, Balotelli is an Italian stallion"

While still not debut as Liverpool scorer in the Premiership, Mario Balotelli, however, not to score goals off the field. At least that's what they say the British tabloids and a good number of lovers who have used their new rupture with Fanny Neguesha.

The last to spread their experiences in a night of passion with Mario was the French 21 Eglantine Flore Aguilar. He explains the 'Daily Star', maintained a loving sexual encounter with Balotelli last August in Milan, when he still had not signed for Liverpool.

"If the field is half of what in bed, Liverpool do not have to worry," he began explaining the French, who gave all details. "At first I sent whatsapp messages. Then he invited me to a hotel in Milan and picked me up in a Bentley and asked if he had ever been with a player. I said yes, that he had had sex with five of them but that was not going to say names. "

Eglantine continued his story. "Coming into the room began to yawn, pretending he was going to go to sleep. Then he asked me what I expected of him and told him, knowing his reputation, I thought we'd have sex. "

And so it happened: "It was fantastic. Mario is well equipped and we did it in five different positions. A real Italian stallion. Then he asked me if I had been well and then we slept one another's arms. "

A year ago, Eglantine had a brief relationship with Ashley Cole, now Roma player and asked him to compare it with Balotelli: "No color. Mario is a million times better than Ashley. It's actually better than any other player with which you have been. "

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