Friday, 7 August 2015

Fellaini: a pornstar girlfriend Poker Stars

Marouane Fellaini have laughed many for his hair to Michael Jackson, also for one year only played after being the star signing from Manchester United, but what no one can outwit his winning capacity is.

A few months ago he severed his relationship with Roxanne Jeffers a pornstar breaks and tears which I already presented and that you can remember clicking here. Well, now it comes with a Belgian model, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, who walks not far behind.

Gaelle, who is of Spanish descent on mother hand, is a presenter of Poker Stars, he appeared a few days ago in a TV show and when asked by her boyfriend said mischievously: "know do more than play football ... "

She was so very good at is posing. He did recently for the magazine Q Magazine. Do not miss the gallery nor the making of the video in which you take with humor bra certain problems that make it slip a breast ...

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