Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Courtois and her love triangle with Miss Belgium

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is back in the public eye. Emily Vanhoutte, winner of Miss Earth Belgium, accused of having maintained a double life with her and her girlfriend, Marta Dominguez, one of Tenerife which met in Madrid.

Speaking to Belgian magazine Dag Allemaal, Emily, 20, he said his relationship with Courtois began in 2014 without her knowing that exguardameta Atletico Madrid had a partner.

"I had seen in a beauty contest and contacted me through Facebook." They materialize an appointment at a nightclub and there, "he took the lead and from then started dating. I do not intereaba money. I'm from a good family. And if he had known that he had a partner and he did a double life, would not have gone with him, "he added.

Courtois Family threatens to sue Miss Belgium for their claims. "It is sad that this happens, right?", Considered the father of the goalkeeper.

However, this is not the first mess of skirts Courtois. There are several more. According uncovered Intervi├║, a waitress named Jeny Sanchez also said he had an affair with him.

Louder was the scandal that was organized in 2013 with Caroline Lijnen, then girlfriend of his team-mate Kevin de Bruyne.

According to her, he kept a love triangle with the two players and the matter jumped to the Belgian press, becoming a real soap opera.

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