Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Christian accused of cyber-harassment of a minor!

A few days ago a rumor that Cristiano Ronaldo could have harassed a minor throwing quoits with messages through a social network.

The issue, however, was not too likely to be credible and all pointed to a fake. But some media have begun to cite this Saturday at the British broadcaster Sky Sports as confirmation of the news.

We have not been able to verify the accuracy of information through the web of this medium, but is credited to be assured that the very young 16 year old American model Meredith Jackson says the Real Madrid striker has harassed.

It is cited as unique and unsustainable test capture a message, say they already cleared by Meredith, in which Christian just says 'hey' nothing to prove harassment white crack of the media speak quoting Sky Sports .
It is not the first news of this kind appearing in recent days about Christian. As we told you, a Brazilian model who lives in Australia, Aline Lima, he said the Portuguese tried ligársela Madrid during the tour of that country.

Do not miss some of the photos that allegedly harassed, Meredith Jackson, model ,, New York Model Mgmt has posted on the networks.

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