Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Roberto lifts girlfriend of Cristiano!

And we told him of course courtship of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Italian Alessia Tedeschi was not clear. Or was an invention (not been seen together anywhere) or was just an adventure, a classic here I catch you, here I'll kill you ...

The fact is that although the model fueled speculation by refusing to comment on the relationship and ensure that the Portuguese was the sexiest footballer, their courtship was far from confirmed. So much history has collapsed like a house of cards. And that according to some Portuguese media, the Spanish goal Roberto (former athlete and current Olympiakos), has raised his alleged girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Alessia Roberto and they have been 'hunted' in Ibiza, where the Italian has already few days enjoying the holidays. There, in Talamanta Beach, we saw very loving and accomplices, it being understood that theirs was more than friendship.

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