Friday, 3 July 2015

"CR7 and me? No comment, but ... it's the sexiest "

The days and remains unconfirmed alleged affair between the Italian Alessia Tedeschi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

No pictures of both and, by now, have been holidaying together. However, the model continues to fuel the mystery in an interview in Ibiza Sport Mediaset.

"Me and Cristiano Ronaldo? No comment, "replied the Italian showgirl. Of course, it recognized that the Portuguese is the hottest player. "That no doubt is the truth."

And when asked if known, Alessia said smiling: "Another question please."

Nor did he say whether, as stated at the time, watched the Real Madrid-Juventus at the Santiago Bernabeu, invited by the Portuguese winger.

"What who gave me the tickets? Spanish friends said laughing. He'm Juve and I always I keep my team in such an important tie, "he added.

During the interview, he recalled that the model was a girlfriend of a footballer, as Blerim Dzemail i "a former Napoli now playing in Turkey and that he will marry his new partner".

He added that "I have attributed romances half Serie A but 99% were false". About Balotelli said that if the courting "I would say no. I do not inspired, I do not see serious and respectful."

Finally he finally confessed that he likes Coach Massimiliano Allegri is, the Juventus coach, and Federica Nargi, Matri's girlfriend is your favorite WAG.

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