Monday, 22 June 2015

Will he return to sing Maria Lapiedra Joan Laporta?

Joan Laporta presented Monday his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona. Nothing more or less what he claimed his former girlfriend, the porn actress Maria Lapiedra, for quite a long time.

Specifically three years ago that Mary dedicated a song entitled 'Laporta, my man', asking them to submit to the presidency of Barcelona.

It is not yet known if Mary will participate in the campaign Laporta with another of his songs, but there is no doubt that despite the ups and downs of their relationship (he came to say that they were getting married), she has always been one of its major supports.

We'll see if this time becomes a 'wet' by Laporta as he did in that song that left real pearls ...

"The man who gave a 'punch to the White House. .. The man pointing the club ... The man who wakes at dawn Roncero bathed in sweat ... The man of style and ways to become dairy yogurt."

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