Monday, 15 June 2015

Toure denies having been unfaithful with a prostitute


Yaya Toure held this Sunday front page of The Sun and not the back. Bad sign. Because sports are on the last page of the English tabloids and not on the first. In that publish scandals ....

And in this case, the City player involved in a very serious: he was accused of betraying his wife Gineba alrdedor prostitutes who charge 200 euros per hour.

To confirm this, The Sun had the testimony of a prostitute named Sandra Ntonya Malawi, who claimed that the bombed Touré text messages asking for sex.

The events had happened in late 2013 after the player had seen his photograph in sites for adults. According to Sandra, the exblaugrana called ten times the first week.

She rejected him because they "get used to not having African customers." However, she agreed to have sex and then he asked, again according to his testimony, racy photos, especially your back.

Sandra said that the first meeting took place at home and that l and paid 160 pounds, 20 more than agreed, and he was very nervous at first, but it was also very polite.

He also explained that on another occasion had sex in the back of the car Touré in a secluded spot not far from his home.

Hours after the publication of the news in The Sun, a spokesman for the African player denied it all to the Daily Mail, which reminded some of his statements saying "my wife is enough for me."

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