Monday, 15 June 2015

The relationship goes Benzema and heating up Rihanna

It seems that Benzema and Rihanna is serious, very serious. And they have returned to hunt the singer and the player passing another night out together.

This time, explains the American website TMZ, it appears that their romance temperature warms up quickly, because the night out Benzema ended up buying a huge bouquet of roses to Rihanna.

It happened on Monday night. Both were caught leaving a local Hoolywood, the Hooray Henry's Nightclub and although they did separately, it was obvious they had been in together. And while Rihanna climbed into his car between bodyguards, Benzema did the same in his and one of his bodyguards brought him a huge bouquet of roses.

Last week and hunted them in New York, also out of a local at five in the morning and lunch at a Cuban restaurant open 24 hours a day. Now they have repeated in Los Angeles and it seems that they are precipitating events. The roses suggest that RiRi and Karim are already more than friends.

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