Monday, 8 June 2015

Paola Salcedo, Mexican muse Ronaldinho

Paola Salcedo, Chivas sister of footballer Carlos Salcedo, would be one of the reasons why Ronaldinho would accept to stay another season in the Gallos Blancos of Queretaro.

And, as reported by various Mexican media, exblaugrana could be living a romance with the sister of his athletic opponent.

For now the only certainty is that Paola has hung several pictures by the Brazilian star in his Twitter account. In them you can see them all fit very affectionate and if we consider that Ronaldinho is so 'lethal' off the field as within it.

Nevertheless, Paola has denied the relationship in Twitter but can not deny its proximity to a Ronaldinho that it may have found his new muse.

Incidentally, also via Twitter, Paola congratulated the club for the title of Champions "a great football game" and stressed that Juve was "a great opponent."

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