Monday, 15 June 2015

Osvaldo and his scandalous infidelity triangle

Osvaldo still installed in the scandal. A few days ago transcended its separation from Jimena Baron actress and that she had accused him of domestic violence, it is now the Boca striker would be involved in a love triangle infidelities.

But we go to parties. The press Argentina said that his first ex, Jimena Baron, would have driven away in mid April to discover treason. According to the news, Osvaldo would have had an 'affair' with Florence Zacantti a model and promoter of 26 years, daughter the exfutbolista Racing Cosme Zacantti.

She has categorically denied ensuring that only coincided in a car or siquieran event and came to speak, but now circulating the rumor that flower to have a porn video that Osvaldo would have sent the player himself ...

Which finally did it was the umpire in this whole affair is a rock singer named militta Bora. The possible denunciation of their ex, Osvaldo happened to be on the verge of going through the vicarage, as his new bride said they even had wedding plans.

The couple already had a tattoo as proof of love, while the media have appeared the first images together. The latter has led some to speculate that Osvaldo is already with the fly behind the ear to suspect that his new girlfriend was the one who told reporters ...

In short, a whole mess to which is added the former, Jimena Baron, who keeps making comments against Osvaldo and his new friend on television and networks.

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