Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mou's daughter, the singer of One Direction

If the young son of Jose Mourinho, immersed in various controversial, now who does it is his older sister, Mathilde, who already has 18 years was so far who had occupied pages and pages in the press.

She has appeared in the British tabloids for her relationship with Niall Horan, One Direction singer.It has been seen together on several occasions, most recently, leaving a nightclub, and have already begun the first rumors about an alleged romance. "Is Niall Special One of the beautiful daughter of Mourinho?" They ask.

The singer is single since a few weeks ago cut with Melissa Whitelaw, the young Australian student with carrying three month relationship. Niall and Matilde were hunted up a car after leaving the disco 'Libertines' and a spokesman for the musician denied the 'Daily Mail' to maintain a relationship. "They are not dating, they're good friends," he said.

Niall is a great football fan, like Matilde and she was already last September at the party's 21st birthday of the singer, which led his father, Jose Mourinho.

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