Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Has Kaka left his wife for Miss Brazil?

Have broken Carol Celico and Kaká? That is the big question that Brazilians are made ​​after the magazine Caras afirmase this week that the couple had ended a marriage that had lasted more than eight years.

In the heart of the matter, Miss Brazil 2013, Jakelyne Oliveira, who claim to be the new love Milan player, related a few months ago with another player, no less than Ronaldinho.

However, after days of speculation, Carol Celico has denied the separation through their representatives, who have said that Kaka and she still married and living in the same residence in Brazil and in Europe.

He refused so affirmed by the magazine had reported that no longer lived together for two months and two sons, Lucca and Isabella, would be under the care of the mother.

However, representatives of Carol say the couple has bought a new apartment in Sao Paulo,which coincides with rumors that Kaka would leave Milan to return to Brazil and play in Sao Paulo.

Anyway, the truth is that Kaka has agreed on a recent trip with Miss Brazil. The Jakelyne itself has confirmed and, as you see above, there are pictures to prove it. "I talked with him, but I had no intimate moment that everyone is imagining conversations between four walls," said Miss sympathetically. 
It is bundled with Kaka or not, the fact is that worth seeing the pictures of Jakelyne, all a Brazilian beauty.

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