Monday, 15 June 2015

Chiara caused the fight between Higuain and Mirante

The blog SportPeople (a pink ball to Italian) of SportMediaset originally launched on Friday with an exclusive: the reasons for the big fight in the match between Higuain and Antonio Mirante, who plays for Parma.

Nobody knew explain why they engaged and almost came to blows last May 10 What happened in the field did not seem so bad and, in fact, was something else. A woman.

It called Chiara, a beautiful Neapolitan girl, who was girlfriend Parma goalkeeper. She has explained the origin of the dispute.

"Through the 'direct' (system that Instagram offers its followers to communicate privately) Higuín Gonzalo contact me, it makes me compliments and says he wants to see me. It was he adds his name corresponded proque official profile footballer (Ghiguain20_9) to ".

After receiving the proposal of an appointment, Chiari not happened anything but tell her boyfriend.Bad idea. "I told you once to Antonio, but he did not take it well. He sent me a very angry voice message that I still remember. Since then they born problems and then to leave. "

The rest you know. Now it view photos of women who wowed Higuaín and Antonio Mirante: Chiara beautiful ...

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