Monday, 15 June 2015

Another Playboy bunny lover who claims to be CR7

As much as Cristiano asked to be left alone, it seems impossible. As he said in his video of protest, every day a new girlfriend appears.

The latter is Colombian, specifically Barranquilla. It is called Milagros Villamil. And model, of course, although it is more than a model. It's a bunny playboy. 'Noticias Caracol "said" Ronaldo knows and has a relationship with him. "

The portal 'Pulzo' contacted her and said, "You gossip leaked! No! "And added or" we are friends, I think a super nice person and we know you ".

When asked about whether the player was pulling him yews, count of that, very nervous, replied "oh yes" and that "in another week we will see" a secret place "it is on Europe ".

He added that in the future hopes to get Cristiano trip to Colombia and its Instagram posted a photo with a shoe in which is inscribed the name of the player.

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