Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Satta defends his Boa: blame ridge peroxide

Melissa Satta is back to talk about the unpleasant affair that involved her boyfriend Kevin Prince Boateng.

The former tissue, you read about, it clarifies the situation of boyfriend: "This must be clear: Kevin was not fired, but only suspended. It 's still under contract with Schalke. A contract that expires in Exactly one year ".

For the young Sardinian Boateng against the measure it is related to the prejudices: "My man is not a bad boy. But a man of 28 who loves football, loves his job and does it as a professional. Just because it's tattooed and his hair with peroxide crest there is a kind of injury. "

Finally, the showgirl spoke about the market rumors that want the Ghanaian midfielder back in Italy: "Milan is my home. And if we come back here, I'd be happy. But we'll see."

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