Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Kiki, Jordan and Helen: the other front of Bayern

Bayern Munich will have three luxury reinforcements in their tie against Bayern. They are the other front of Pep. A cast of exuberant women staunch followers of the Bavarian team: Kiki Vidis, Jordan Carver and Helen de Muro.

Kiki Vidis.
It is the muse of Bayern porn. Or if you prefer, the 'Maria Lapiedra' the Bavarians but never came out with one of the presidents of the club as the Catalan ... Born in Australia, this pornstar made a posed with the shirt of Bayern and since then professes a special passion for the Bundesliga champions.

Jordan Carver
Based in Los Angeles from fourteen years, the voluptuous model maintains its German roots live with his devotion to the selection of Low and Bayern Munich. Suffice it to say he witnessed live the last Champions League final won by the Bavarian team against Dortmund. Now repeat dreams.

Helen de Muro.
Born in Munich, the Playboy bunny has always boasted of being a follower of Bayern. Whenever the team wins a title congratulates through social networks and wears their colors. Venezuela has chosen Playboy Playmate of the month of April.

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