Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Balotelli-Fanny: jealousy for another opportunity?

The return of the rumors that Mario Balotelli could resume his relationship with the spectacular Belgian model Fanny Neguesha.

Theirs is a stormy history, full of twists and turns, and a few months ago seemed finally completed .. .but no, the Italian cuore media have begun to speculate on the possible reconciliation.

The first hint, suggest, would be about photos posted by her on Instagram, which can still be seen sporting a tattoo with the name of the player in the left arm.

But Fanny's participation as a guest on the sports program 'Tiki Taka' has raised a cloud of dust.

It turns out that Fanny appeared with a sexy look and, because of this, a player was very angry.

Balotelli have even called for him with his daring, showing still not forgotten and is very jealous.

Meanwhile, the model has continued hanging abroncada very sexy pictures in bikini, that surely would not have done much grace to his grumpy ex-boyfriend.

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