Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wawrinka is a traitor and a liar," says his wife

The separation of Stanislas Wawrinka and his wife Ilham Vuilloud is bringing queue. After the tennis player made official on social networks, has now touched respond to his ex-wife.

And if Wawrinka just talked about how complicated life of a tennis player and his extensive travels, Ilham has opened the can of worms revealing his numerous infidelities.

"The repeated lies and betrayals many have come to destroy the confidence he had in him.He has been unfortunate," said Ilham.

Very angry, he added, "I find it intolerable that use our separation to justify their poor performance in the field. In fact, the separation occurred five months ago, just after his triumphant return to the final of the Davis Cup and the decision to leave for the second time the family has not stopped him getting very good results later. "

Ilham, who shared with Wawrinka ten years of relationship, kept shooting. "His instability and desire to regain their freedom at all levels are the cause of our separation. Also I have to admit that the repeated lies and betrayals have contributed much, destroying any confidence I had in him. "

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