Friday, 24 April 2015

Rosy: naked save for a sheik to Parma

A 'Big Sister' Italian, Rosy Maggiulli, wants to save the Parma at any price. So was stripped and aims to attract an entrepreneur to invest in your team, immersed in a total bankruptcy.

Rosy has made ​​a photographic perched on a football field completely naked but painted with the colors of Parma. The result is a spectacular bodypainting should convince an investor, says Rosy best if it is billionaire sheik, to return to Parma to its golden age, not so far.

The showgirl, 25, has also promised a striptease in the field of Parma if the team they love gets saved ... Something hard. The club will be auctioned at a price of between 6 and 20 million. Let him know sheikhs ...

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