Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Maradona fears filtration their homemade porn videos

With Maradona no limits. Any story that was invented about him could never overcome the reality of his personal life.

In recent days, the Lint has dared to discredit Van Gaal and Blatter, while simulating a piscinazo in a match for peace, after which he assaulted fans and journalists ...

But their love relationships do not walk behind. It turns out that the mother of his youngest child, Veronica Ojeda, said having intimate images recorded with 10.

"With Diego will have home videos, but during the time we were together was never made ​​public," he said in a television program.

He added. "When he was not with me divulgábamos intimacy means we have a lot of home videos but I'll post" he said.

Obviously the press Argentina assumes that some of these films may leak soon and let the Lint on evidence. A year ago he became viral on networks alleged Dalma homemade porn video, Maradona's daughter . Now the father runs the same risk.

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