Tuesday, 14 April 2015

God's hand is stretched too ... again

The 'hand of God' is back. Again has lengthened. And not to score a goal, as in the celebrated both the World of Mexico to England. Again Maradona has stretched hands, or rather, hands, to tinker with his girlfriend.

If a few months ago they went around the world images of former player touching the private parts of Rocío Oliva in a pool , this time aiming their caresses were the breasts of the footballer thirty years younger than him and with which it has such a torrid affair as stormy.

Both appear in a photo sitting in an armchair and Maradona hugs from behind holding her breasts with both hands. A photo that comes out almost simultaneously that Maradona's ex and mother of his youngest son, Diego Fernando says that has a lot of porn videos landlords who recorded when the Lint was his partner . "Also I have a picture with Diego where I played in the pool," said Veronica Ojeda, who showed. Below you have the two. Veronica, left and Rocío, right in the pool with an irrepressible Maradona ...



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