Monday, 16 March 2015

Nasri and Lindsay Lohan: Just a crazy night?


A mess of skirts splashed Manchester City shortly before his visit to Camp Nou. The player involved is Samir Nasri, who is credited with a crazy night with American model and singer Lindsay Lohan.

According to the French magazine Public, the crack of the citizen would have cheated on his girlfriend with the controversial celebrity. They agreed on a Parisian nightclub during Fashion Week in Paris.


There, in the Rasputin club, spent a "crazy night" which lasted until five o'clock. According to reports, they were spotted lively and kissing in the Paris venue.

Lindsay, who admitted to being addicted to alcohol on Oprah Winfrey's show has always been shrouded by controversy and his alleged affair with Nasri would be the icing on a career full of excesses.

In any case, the French press speculates on whether this was merely a spree in which they flirted or if there was more to leave the club.

However, all these theories the dismounted Anara Atanes, controversy girlfriend Samir Nasri, the tweet that he felt betrayed. Not at all.

"Samir talking to Lindsay Lohan in a club and being photographed together bothers me a zero percent. I he presented. Samir Lindsay knows through me, "he wrote in a first message.

In the second, he added: "I hope this will clarify it all at Public magazine. The press tried this summer with me. Better luck next time. She's my friend, "he concluded, referring to Lindsay.

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