Friday, 6 February 2015

The ordeal of alleged mistress Bumbum CR7

Andressa Urach name has appeared in many of the information on the separation of Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo. It's pointed as one of the lovers Madrid player, which would have left the Russian top for his constant infidelities during his five years of dating. However, the alleged mistress of CR7 was not for these stories in recent weeks ...
And is that it was ranked second in the Miss Bum Bum Contest 2012, nearly losing his life in early December. His obsession with plastic surgery gave an almost mortal disgust when he underwent an operation to remove a hydrogel was implanted in the legs and had rotted over time.
Because of a medical equipment in poor condition, Andressa suffered septic shock that caused the worst was feared. But doctors saved his life and had to spend several weeks admitted to the ICU with dramatic consequences in the form of holes in the legs as seen in some shocking pictures that ran across networks.
Finally, Andressa able to leave the hospital, but he did wheelchair and tremendously sorry for the various plastic surgeries to which he was subjected. "I'm paying for my vanity. It was extremely vain. Everything to seek perfection. Instead of my beautiful body, end up damaging it and make it ugly. "
Former Miss Bumbum recovers embracing faith in Christ and was baptized last Sunday in Universal Iglesa of Porto Alegre.

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