Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mike Tyson -- PUNCHING ALGERIANS ... In Foreign Action Flick

 Mike Tyson could be the next Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- at least in Algeria anyway -- where the boxing legend just scored himself a role punching a TON of people in a big Algerian action flick.

Tyson's one of the stars of "Gates of the Sun" ... where it appears he plays a goon for hire who beats the crap out of people on behalf of his employers.

The flick, which hits theaters in March, also stars former Kung Fu champ Lorie Pester and Algerian actor Smaïn (who may or may not be a big deal in Algeria, we're not really sure).

So, what's the plot? The mob moves to Algeria ... and it's up to a "a super secret agent, martial arts specialist, who will do anything to defend Algeria and destroy that organization."

Unclear which side Tyson's on ... but one thing's for sure -- he's gonna punch so many people.

So many.

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