Thursday, 12 February 2015

Have you asked Maradona 'vis a vis' with Pantoja?

Maradona can expect anything. But in recent times is splitting hairs. If first starred as a facelift as irreoconocible has left him as the very Uma Thuram, now has exploited an informative true 'bomb'.

Neither more nor less than the 'Fluff' could have asked for a 'vis a vis' with Isabel Pantoja in prison in Alcalá de Guadira. However, their wishes would not have been met because prisons have rejected and denied the petition and will have to wait for the tonadillera leave jail to satisfy them.

The news was announced the Argentine program 'Infama' and is spreading like wildfire by means of the Spanish cuore. We will keep you abreast of singular subject ....

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