Friday, 6 February 2015

Hamilton and Nicole break for the fourth and what last?

For the fourth time in seven years of stormy relationship, and when it appeared that they were getting married soon, the pilot Lewis Hamilton and his girlfriend, singer Nicole Scherzinger, have broken and it seems that finally according to reports published in the UK.
The reason, this time, have not been jealousy and infidelity but the long periods of separation of the couple. "It was a mutual decision. The distance requires them to spend long periods apart, "said a source close to the couple told the Daily Mail source." They spend too much time alone because they are in different countries. Nicole has is desolate and is heartbroken, "he added.
For a while now, Nicole lives in London as it is the protagonist of 'revival' of the musical Cats while the pilot is based in Monaco. The singer has comforted her recent trip to his grandmother and his mother from Hawaii. Both are achieving better support the breakdown of the relationship

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