Monday, 16 February 2015

CR7-Irina: the reasons for the break, uncovered

Hello! online, the Web version of the British magazine Hello! exclusively reveals some of the details that led to the final break between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk. As He will forward, at the bottom of the separation underlie the infidelities of white player.

According Hello! Who made ​​the painful decision to settle the relationship that had lasted nearly five years was the top model during New Year's Eve, when I had a bitter argument at the home front in Madrid.

"She was in shock, completely shattered," says a close friend to the model to the portal of the magazine Hello! "It was a decision we took lightly," he claimed, adding that "Irina immediately went and spent the New Year crying alone at the airport before flying to the Maldives where he also spent his birthday alone."

The same source explained that "Irina always chose to stand by her man", but there came a time when "had to stare at his face and pensárselo and after much consideration, she felt she could not ignore the signs" .

These signals would refer to the alleged infidelities Christian. Irina could not stand it and left to follow the Portuguese in networks providing the first clues of a breakup that according to this close friend, not due to their poor relationships with mother Player.

"Irina worked hard to earn the respect of the family, including going on holiday with them. I was concienciada not talk much in public about his private life and never wanted to use the fame of Cristiano in his favor."

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