Monday, 9 February 2015

Balotelli, evidence of family with Pia and Fico

Perhaps the lack of space found in the pitch meant that Mario Balotelli, Liverpool, away from the nightlife in Milan, is dedicated with more consistency to his role as a father.
Cameras Verissimo (which airs Saturday) have pinched a walk around the city of the Beatles with a smile on his face, but especially with her ​​daughter Pia in her arms and former flame Raffaella Fico in tow.
"I'm living a period of peace," he told 'SuperMario' showing affable and willing to respond to the microphones of Mediaset transmission. Bulldozing, instead, on the former flame, Fanny Neguesha, committed as shipwrecked on the Island of the Famous - showgirl has also been stung by a jellyfish -: the attacker 'Red' did silent scene.

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