Friday, 2 January 2015

Whirlwind trip to Maxi Lopez: Love and shopping in Buenos Aires

 The player wanted his girlfriend, model Daniela Swedish Christiansson, knew his homeland. They remained in Argentina just 36 hours but learned to take advantage.
The couple arrived on Saturday morning 27 and since then, were from here to there. They visited some tourist spots Porteño Center and lunch in a cozy restaurant. On Sunday spent most of the day to shopping. Maxi and Daniela visited one of the most important Shopping Tours and not let clothing store without visiting. At night, they enjoyed a romantic evening in Costa Salguero with dinner and dancing.
On Monday, they did some more shopping in a supermarket in the area of Pilar (Angel de Brito shared image on Twitter) and then set out to rest before heading back to Italy where Maxi Overnight New Year with their three children.

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