Monday, 12 January 2015

Where was Irina ...? Cristiano neither mentioned!

Where is Irina? Why not, like last year, sits next to Christian in a day as prescribed for her boyfriend? Is something wrong between them or simply is absent because he is still on vacation or for business purposes?
All these questions are those made ​​many of those attending the gala Golden Ball. But surprise, and speculations, took a new turn when the Portuguese took the stage to collect the award. In his speech, Cristiano gave thanks to everyone: mother, father, son, mates, coach, club ... but not his girlfriend. Not one mention of Irina Shayk.
A careless or something more than that ...? The only thing you know, as you infomamos, is that the Russian top would be celebrating his birthday (the day of Reyes made ​​29 years) in a heavenly destination where it was photographed with palms of hands sand etched in his ass. Who were these mysterious and envied hands ?, wondered. This question we now interested in further ... Will crisis, breakdown or simply could not go to Zurich for a good cause?

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