Monday, 12 January 2015

The Phenomenon Ronaldo leaves his girlfriend jealous

Ronaldo will not marry for the fourth looks z. At least for now. And according reveals the Brazilian press, the phenomenon has broken the DJ Paula Morais, with which it was up to the altar in July.
The "excessive jealousy" of it as the trigger point of separation and transient was last summer when they drifted apart for two months and then reconciled with a romantic trip to Ibiza.
Now, in December Ronaldo have not attended the birthday party Paula, nor have spent the night together year-end. The fact is that the romance seems to have ended after two years during which Paula had even managed to put on a diet to crack, with tendency to gain weight by disease.
Ronaldo broke in late 2012 his third marriage with Bia Anthony and began dating the DJ, also a famous athlete. Now go their separate ways ...

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