Thursday, 8 January 2015

The night almost Maradona is linked to Salma Hayek

Diego Maradona tried to link to Mexican actress Salma Hayek ... and almost succeeded. Told his daughter Dalma, which was precisely who avoided the two stars had just spending the night together.
It happened at a party after the Cannes Film Festival 2008. "We went to Cannes, were at a party, falls Javier Bardem ... and Salma Hayek, and starts dancing with my dad guy does not know what, suddenly I see them dancing long "said Dalma in the 'Arroban' program.
As time passed, things were more heated. And Maradona snuggled increasingly actress. It was then that her daughter made ​​a drastic decision: he took from the party and took him to the hotel.
Once there, Diego wanted to come back for Mexico, but Dalma stopped him. "The guy (Maradona) crossed to the hotel, I put on my pajamas and he was not changed, I say that the pajama sets and got into bed with shoes on," said Dalma, who said he did not fall asleep until that his father did.
Years later, Dalma still remembers what happened and regrets. "I screwed up the night with Salma Hayek."

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