Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The day when Mike Tyson was nearly hit Michael Jordan for a woman

In a biography that traces the life of the boxer, his ex-manager Rory Holloway testified that world heavyweight ex-champion basketball player lying almost at a dinner ...

Mike Tyson et Robbie Givens, les raisons de la discorde 
Air Jordan vs Iron Mike. Despite its well-packed quintal not sure the ex-champion Chicago Bulls have won the fight. In his book Taming The Beast (tame the beast), Rory Holloway, manager and friend of the boxing star of the 1980s reveals a very punchy story.

"Jordan had only one desire: to run away"

The scene takes place in a restaurant in Chicago. The two giants are at the table, accompanied by Don King, the famous promoter, Rory Holloway and coach Jordan, Mike Ditka and his teammate Richard Dent. Mike Tyson is clearly still affected by his recent separation from actress Robin Givens. She had had an affair with Jordan before him.
Rory Holloway noted that "Tyson slowly sipping a cocktail before freak. He stared at Michael Jordan to the other end of the table "and said to him." You think I'm stupid? I know you did things with her. You can tell me. "Jordan looked at him as if he had seen a ghost. "It was clear that Jordan had one wish: to run away." In the evening, Mike Tyson also invectivera Mike Ditka and Richard Dent.

Naomi Campbell in the toilet

This is not the only anecdote crispy loose Rory Holloway in this biography. It thus delivers a story featuring one of the most prominent 1990s models Naomi Campbell.
"I was at a party with Mike. Naomi Campbell was present. I was his babysitter, not that it attracts trouble. I found myself holding their glasses because Mike had to go to the bathroom ... and Naomi followed him ... "unpacks Rory Holloway by providing its ellipsis. 

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