Friday, 2 January 2015

Maxi Lopez accused of not letting Wanda spend the holidays with her children and she burst out Mirá messages erased after!

 The relationship between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez came to an end in the worst terms but something that inevitably always going to join: Valentino, Constantine and Benedict. In a new war for their children, the player accused the blonde not leave them at New Year and what she escracho Twitter.
In networks began circulating one that claimed that Lopez would receive 2015 with her three children, something that did not happen for an alleged impairment of Wanda version. Everything indicated that she and Mauro Icardi going to spend Christmas with them, and then Maxi would take him to begin a new year. However, both parties passed them in the new house Icardi-Nara, along with Nora Colosimo and the ninth.
Before the insistent claims of followers, accusing Wanda bad mother and forbid their children maintain a relationship with her father, she broke the social network of blue bird.
Wanda made ​​public a few chats with her ​​former husband, where he claimed would happen to them on Christmas Eve before traveling to Argentina for a mini vacation with his girlfriend. "Here I give you proof that the kids were waiting .. . "said the blonde, clear reflection of Maxi ever happened to them.
That was not all, Wanda continued with a flood of messages and capture showing mails he exchanged with the father of her children, whom he accused of not fulfilling alimony or the visitation.
"Mauro is the one who takes care of your children lie you're on vacation, he bathed Coki and wiped his vomit yesterday at five o'clock. Vos anoint, are your priorities go on vacation when they were actually break them you and me you let me. I think if you're relaxed is because you will be assured that your children are in good hands. Call Mauro, be an adult. Because after all it is he who takes care of your children while you're Vacation "Wanda detonated in a series of messages which are then erased.

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