Friday, 2 January 2015

Fanny is sad for Balotelli, but think of other samples ...

Fanny Neguesha is "a bit 'sad' for Mario Balotelli, struggling with a crisis more and more rampant. She herself admits in an interview with 'Pure People'.
"I always said he is a top athlete, I just hope that it continues to prove it - the confession of the Belgian model -. Our break? These things are normal for a boy of 24 years."
And Fanny continues to orbit in the sports world ("It 's very important to me, I have to take care of my image"), revealing what are the athletes that most tickle his fancy: Thiago Silva and Rafa Nadal. And finally, on his body, said: "It 's all genetic, even my sisters are like that. I only breast surgery, nothing more."

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