Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chamakh and his trio dreamed of the Playboy twins

Marounne Chamakh, the French striker Crystal Palace, has joined the list of famous players who seem to have fallen into the arms of one, or both at once, twin Howe, famous in the UK for a few years ago they posed for Playboy magazine.
Ashley Cole to Balotelli through Evra or Luke Shaw, who asked them to mount a trio in World full of Brazil, the 'bunny' have become true specialists arouse the passions of the players in the Premier League.
A Chamakh l and hunted out a few days ago with Carla and Melissa Chinawhite nightclub in London, close to Oxford Circus, and heading to another local, Beat, also popular in the city of Big Ben.
Chamakh, who takes a month without playing by the injury and seems to score more goals out in the field, was holding the hand of Carla and soon after joined the entourage's also lush Melissa. I know not know how he ended the night and if the front passed with one or both twins, getting the coveted trio wanted to have Luke Shaw.

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