Friday, 2 January 2015

400 Russian models, equipment and ... same hotel!

Can you imagine Barca coincide in the same hotel with 400 Russian models? How would react Luis Enrique? What would Blaugrana coach in that situation ...?
Surely the same as that of MSV Duisburg, the German third, who encountered the unexpected and surprising tessitura in the stage that your computer is performing in Turkey after the winter break: Change hotel immediately!
And is that Michael Meier wanted to prevent such concentration of models, all participants in a beauty contest, alter their players and so the club announced on its official website attaching a smiley face.
Better take it with humor, but the truth is that the resort of Antalya, Hotel Royal Wings, was a danger and an irresistible for team players who complied reluctantly technical drastic decision to avoid greater evils temptation.
"We want to prepare calmly for the spring season and so the coach has preferred to change the accommodation," the club said in its statement and so, from 8 to January 16, Duisburg will stay at the Royal Holiday Palace, not It is too bad as you can see below, although a few kilometers from the hotel with 400 Russian models ...

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