Friday, 19 December 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Everybody Was Peeing ... So I Peed Too!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. only made his run to the restroom after other people in his crew did ... and Floyd believes he only got singled out because he is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As TMZ first reported, Floyd got into it with a woman -- to the point where she called police -- after she tried to stop him from using a restroom Wednesday night at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. The woman claimed Floyd called her a bitch, but ultimately police did nothing.

According to our sources, Floyd didn't think it was a big deal when he used the restroom ... because he wasn't the first one to use it -- other people went in before him.

We're told Floyd believes the woman only gave him a hard time because he's famous ... and if anyone had a terrible attitude during their exchange ... it was her.

Our sources say Floyd was shocked that the woman called the cops over the whole thing, especially considering he walked out with about 10 bags worth of stuff.

Apparently none of those bags contained his bathroom pass.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Got Pissy Over Bathroom Incident ... Woman Alleges

A woman in NYC tried to stop Floyd Mayweather Jr. from going #1 ... then dialed 911 to complain the boxing champ got aggressive with her -- but we've learned she's got zero case.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports the barely alleged atrocity went down inside Saks Fifth Ave in NYC Wednesday night where Floyd was doing some holiday shopping. We're told he decided to go to the bathroom, but because there was a private event on that floor of the store -- a woman blocked him from entering the restroom.

Let's face it ... Floyd's quicker than the average bathroom attendant -- and was able to dip past the woman to get inside and get some relief.

According to our sources ... the woman immediately called cops to report Floyd for "calling her a bitch." Police took down a harassment report, but since the alleged offense didn't happen in front of an officer ... she's SOL. Case closed.

So, the winner -- by unanimous decision -- Floyd's bladder.

Abramovich girl Dasha Zhukova was spotted in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio

Mother of two Russian oligarch spends time with Hollywood actor

Beloved Roman Abramovich - 33-year-old Daria Zhukova came to the lenses of the paparazzi in the arms of 40-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio. Foreign media identified the girl as "charming brunette", without knowing it the mother of two children of one of the richest men in the world. Hollywood star caught in the company of Dasha Zhukova, when they came out of the hotel in New York. Recall last month web rumors about the separation of Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova, who bore him two children - a boy Aaron Alexander and daughter Leia. According to a blog post, a businessman twisted romance with dancer Mariinsky Diana Cherry. However, the representative tycoon John Mann denied this information. DiCaprio, in turn, a couple of weeks ago broke up with model Toni Garrn, which met a half years.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn
Daria Zhukova and Roman Abramovich and his son Aaron Alexander

'Miss Netherlands had affair with Drogba'

Miss Netherlands Tatjana Maul in recent weeks in London not only been busy with the Miss World pageant. They also held an affair with a footballer Chelsea after.
The footballer is not of Dutch descent, she added to it. ,, I am newly single again. It was complicated, "she told the radio station FunX . ,, It was a football player, and I still love him. Everyone knows him. He plays for Chelsea, but I will not say more. "

That led to speculation in the radio studio. Nathan's name Aké (19) was mentioned. The player Jong Oranje's like Maul (25) coming from the Hague. ,, I have no idea who that is. ''

On the specific question of whether Halman's Didier Drogba (36) was, did not miss Netherlands answers. after a long silence: ,, Sometimes it's better not to say anything, "she added to it.

Tatjana Maul spent three weeks in London for the Miss World contest, but she was not eventually become the new Miss World. The title went to Miss South Africa. The Hague clean claims to have many friends left from her trip to London. But she also has someone who had caught the little things of her stolen. It was according to the Hague for an AC plug and nail clippers. ,, I confronted her in a nice way, but when she went totally ghetto. "