Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pepperdine Basketball Players - Coach Doesn't Hate Lesbians ... He Hates Drama

Pepperdine women hoopsters are jumping to their coach's defense -- shooting down claims from 2 teammates that he's on an anti-lesbian campaign.

TMZ Sports broke the story... Haley Videckis and Layana White filed a lawsuit against the university because they say coach Ryan Weisenberg said "lesbianism" would not be tolerated on his team.

But multiple players tell us Videckis and White are twisting their coach's words. We're told Weisenberg did make a speech ... telling the team "he doesn't want off-the-court drama brought on the team."

The players we spoke with felt his message was clear ... don't let relationships -- regardless of sexual preference -- affect your play.

As for why Videckis and White sued -- we're told it might be because they haven't played in any games.

Videckis and White's attorney says he thinks the coach is telling players "what would be good for them to say" about the lawsuit.

Rihanna - Repping Puma Now ... Usain Bolt Rejoices

Rihanna just got a huge gig with Puma -- and aside from maybe Puma stockholders ... no one is more excited about this than the fastest man in the world.

First, RiRi's gig -- she's been named creative director of Puma ... and a company rep says she'll not only work on designs, but also serve as a brand ambassador. She celebrated her new job by posting pics in some Puma kicks.

Now, the good stuff -- Puma's other big spokesman is, of course, Usain Bolt ... and we know the Olympic sprinter's been jonesin' to hookup with Rihanna because he told TMZ Sports about his crush last year.

We're guessing Usain's on the phone to Puma brass right now with all kinds of new promo ideas.

Pirlo and Buffon officially introduce their girlfriends

 Long time neither hide, but so far neither Buffon and Pirlo had debuted with their respective and new partners. But finally they did and nothing less than a resounding scenario: Gala Serie something like 'Oscar' of calcium each year reward the most outstanding players.
It happened on Monday night and Gigi Buffon she was spotted by Ilaria D'Amico, journalist why he has left Alena Seredova, Czech Miss with whom he has two sons, Pirlo, meanwhile, also appeared with Valentina Baldini, the blonde he has held in his heart to Deborah Roversi, his wife for more than a decade and he has 'taken' an almost multimillonoria pension.
The four fell short, although they avoided the red carpet. Already on stage at the gala, they had no choice but to pose for the cameras. It was his 'premiere'.

Kaka-Carol: neither marriage nor perfect divorce

They made ​​us believe that his life was a fairy tale. They hypothesized to be virgins at marriage for their religious beliefs. Kaka and Caroline Celico looked like a model couple. But no. Their marriage was not perfect and looks like it will not be your divorce after nine years together and two children involved.
And is that the Brazilian media indicate that they have been about to engage in a legal battle in the bloodiest. In fact, they took the -custodia well-cast case and the law courts, but soon they decided to opt for dialogue rather than jump to tackle head on the courts.
Yan have reached an agreement regarding the custody of Luca (6) and Isabella (4): will be shared. Thorniest seems to be the financial system and especially now that Kak√° goes to Orlando City where he charged a good record ...
Although they try to decide together .... With their lawyers. If they do not, resume the war reached a divorce, say, precisely because of the departure of Kaka to the US and because of some infidelity looked like a 'holy man'.

And now that Alexis did not render ... in bed!

Much say that Wenger could sit you on the bench because of his tiredness excess sex and it turns out that the Chilean press ensures that where Alexis was not surrendered but not in the field ... in bed!
Surely, the news of 'The Fourth', a Chilean tabloid, does not have much credibility, but is already beginning to circulate. In Italy, for example, have echoed the assumptions amatorios Alexis problems with his girlfriend, the Catalan Laia Grassi, which was described as little more than an insatiable woman.
I cromprob√°dlo verbatim reading of the text, which has no waste. Says 'The Fourth': "rich That's when one is told" no first without the second ". Yes, apparently to our Alexis asked him the third, fourth and even fifth having no time to take a break. And one is not iron ... "
The fact is that according to this information, "Laia Grassi hit the chop Sanchez (sic ...) all because he could not stand the pace in bed". A very different version that was released a few weeks ago this and other means ensuring that Alexis did not measure in the field opposite: having sex in excess ...
Finally, and for now, the only certainty is that Laia Grassi has deleted your Instagram photos for Alexis and I think he has also made ​​his life.